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Thank you for visiting our web site.  We want to give you the opportunity to always be in touch, so our most important page is directly after this one.  You will find all our details on the contact page, please call if you need any advice.

Our aim is to provide quality commercial teams, experienced managers and knowledgable people for the benefit of contractors and clients alike. 

Contractors often need to supplement their commercial teams with external staff and we can provide these individuals but we believe contractors would benefit by outsourcing work to commercial teams.

We consider a superior service would be provided by a commercial team from the same organisation which would achieve cost benefits throughout and could report direct to the contractors commercial manager or senior representative.

This approach has a number of advantages:-

  • Whole team has right experience from start with minimal learning curve.
  • Reduced Fees with costs spread across team.
  • Enhanced Management through team stability and Head Office support.
  • Minimised employee costs at project end.
  • Ability to integrate and train contractors own staff.

Being available for our clients is our priority so our contact details are next.